Le Designer Clandestin

Le Designer Clandestin  är en tillverkare av exklusiva träbojekt.  Vi blev inbjudna att vara med i Le Designer Clandestins hela resa, från de första skisserna till framtagning av film och bilder för marknadsföring.


"I create pieces that will live for generations. My credo is that true elegance is not about big brands, short-lived emotions and conformism. Luxury is an experience. Enjoying moments and timeless pieces that will carry your story and that are truly yours. "

/ Guillaume Foliot Leprince


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3D print



Kommentar från kund

"We have been working with Karl-Oskar Designstudio on the developement of a rather complex business project and its input has been instrumental at several levels. Karl-Oskar not only brought us a unique and tasteful expertise in many fields of design and visual identities - from logo and website design to photo/videography and even wood working - but this has been always done with a sound business persective. 

With Karl-Oskar Designstudio the working relationship is not only about producing things pleasing to the eye but, more importanly, getting a result that will pay off and increases your business value. Bank for your bucks with gusto! Hard to decide if Karl-Oskar Designstudio is a one stop shop for design and visual matters or if Karl-Oskar himself is the Swiss Army knife of design but whatever you might need, it's worth asking him. You are likely to get at the same smart and pragmatic ideas, high taste level and perfect execution."

/ Guillaume Foliot Leprince, Le Designer Clandestin